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Your First Visit: Preparing and What to Expect

When you arrive, I want to make you as comfortable as possible. I begin with an assessment of your current state of health.

Please Complete an Intake Form

You can download an intake form here, or I can email you a form which you need fill out and bring with you to the office. If you do not have email or a printer, you can complete the intake form at the office.

When you arrive in the office, you will be greeted in my reception area. On your first visit, together we will review the answers you provided on your intake form.

I will ask you questions expanding on your answers with the goal of getting as complete a picture as possible of your concerns, conditions and any other relevant information.

You may ask me any questions you have about the treatment you are going to receive.

At Vital Touch I use a variety of modalities to help your body heal itself. Using your answers and through observation, I will determine the right treatment to support you on your path to wellness.

I believe that education and communication are the keys to health.

Next Steps of Your Visit

Once we go over the issues I will describe how acupuncture works. We will then go into the treatment room and I will take your pulse, look at your tongue, take your blood pressure, touch your painful areas (palpate).

Women are provided with a cotton gown and you can keep your underwear on.

Men have blankets, and usually remove their shirts and pants. Some men like to wear shorts during their session.

I totally respect you and keep you warm during your treatment and rest time.


I take most insurance — if your insurance covers acupuncture. I will verify your coverage at the time of treatment.

Although Kaiser insurance does not cover acupuncture, I will give Kaiser patients a complementary discount as I am listed on their website.


Payment is expected at the time of treatment. If you don’t have insurance, you may qualify for discount package.

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